Heads up, there's a solid chance that this game does not work on iOS or Safari.

My first game completely made from zero to published in 2 weeks... Such an awesome experience! I learned an immense amount of information! All good things. The only thing I borrowed was the 'game over' sound and the metallic banging sounds. Thanks for taking a look!

Oh no! You've inserted your last dollar into a questionable looking change machine! Do you have the skills and perseverance to get all your money back?


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i canr do eny thing

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i loved it, nice idea. its fun to play and feels fairly polished! ( but we have the same name on our games, made for the same jam haha ) ours is keep the change KTC (caronila) we aimed too high so the game isnt finished yet. im improving my skills in c# to be able to complete it soon

Dunno why but i can't play! I'm running it on Firefox on the latest version and the game say "indirect call to null" . I'm sorry man :(


Aww man... I built it in Godot and exported to HMTL5 with GLES2, but I'm not sure what the deal is... I gotta research and get that figured out before my next jam. Thanks for the feedback!

When you rely too much on only physics in your game, it robs the feeling of control from the player, who now has to hope that the pseudo-luck is on their side

Makes total sense! Thanks for the feedback and taking the time to play!